Mango Ice Cream (No Cooking)

Banganapalli Mango is the reigning king amongst mangoes in South India. Though people express loyalty to other varieties such as Alphonso from North India or Malgova from Salem in Tamil Nadu, Banganapalli scores high in terms of size, smooth flesh, and delicate flavour. Banganapalli mango ice cream combines the two most sought after treats in summer – mango and ice cream.

Mango Ice Cream - Kalas Kalai

Mango Ice Cream – No cooking required

The commercial mango ice creams have a very strong mango flavour, maybe due to a large amount of mango essence used in their manufacture. When I prepared ice cream with Banganapalli I found that the cream reduced the subtle flavour of mango, and I therefore had to strengthen it with mango squash concentrate.

If you do not wish to have an ice cream with eggs and milk and cooking and cooling, this mango ice cream can be prepared very quickly, and it freezes fairly quickly too.

Nutritive Value

The cream and the sugar in the ice cream make it a high energy dessert. Mango is also a whopping source of carotene (2,743 µg/100 g) which makes it a nutritious dessert too.


  • 2 large ripe Banganapalli Mangoes
  • 1 C Sugar
  • 200 ml Mango Squash Concentrate
  • 1 Lt Cream (Amul)


  1. Remove skin and seed from the mangoes. Chop up the flesh.
  2. Place the mango in a mixie or blender with sugar and the mango squash concentrate. Pulse for 10 seconds at each speed to get a creamy pulp.
  3. Transfer to a large bowl. Add cream and whisk till well blended.
  4. Freeze in ice cream containers.
  5. Serve when frozen solid with fresh mango slices (optional).


  1. If you cannot get Banganapalli Mangoes, use 3 C mango pulp extracted from any ripe sweet mango.
  2. In India we only get one type/brand of cream: Amul. If you get a non-Amul cream, you can use a mixture of light and heavy cream to get a richer ice cream.
  3. If you prefer to use mango essence instead of squash concentrate you will have to increase the sugar by at least half a cup.



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