Kala’s Prawn and Cauliflower in Tomato Gravy

Though we’re past the Spring Equinox, good quality cauliflower is still available. The tomatoes are also luscious. In Tamil Nadu, cauliflower is rarely combined with prawns, so I decided to experiment combining the two with tomatoes. The crisp texture of the fried prawns and the turgor of cauliflower add an interesting mouthfeel to the dish.


Kalas Prawn and Cauliflower in Tomato Gravy - Kalas Kalai

Kala’s Prawn and Cauliflower in Tomato Gravy

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Kala’s 3 Ps Curry (Paneer, Peas, Potato)

Indian Cottage Cheese (Paneer) lends itself to a variety of curries, such as Palak Paneer. I wanted to create a high protein, high energy vegetarian side dish using paneer and potatoes.  I also added green peas, which I love and are now in season – hence the 3 Ps Curry 🙂

Kala's 3 Ps Curry - Kalas Kalai

Kala’s 3 Ps Curry

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Vendhaya Kuzhambu (Garlic & Shallot Curry)

The term ‘Vendhaya Kuzhambu’ is actually a misnomer. Vendhayam is fenugreek. The amount of fenugreek used in this curry is very very small, but in Thirunelveli (where I’m from) this garlic and shallot curry is always referred to as vendhaya kuzhambu. It is usually served with plain boiled rice, but I particularly enjoy it with idlys :).


Vendhaya Kuzhambu - Kalas Kalai

Vendhaya Kuzhambu (Garlic and Shallot Curry)

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