Kala’s Egg Bonda

Egg bonda is a snack made by deep frying boiled egg halves dipped in thick batter. Egg bonda is usually made with Bengal Gram flour batter and fried like a bhajji (vegetable fritter). I have tasted this in many places, but always felt that the Bengal Gram flour dominated the taste of egg. Therefore, I have created my own batter using a large amount of rice flour and a small amount of Bengal Gram flour and maida to help in the binding, which achieves a more balanced flavour. I have also added a green masala to the batter to enhance the flavour.

Kalas Egg Bonda - Kalas Kalai

Kala’s Egg Bonda

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Kala’s Dumplings in Chicken Stew

A long time ago, perhaps in my first year of B.Sc, I had an essay by Winston Churchill on his school life where he mentioned his dislike for dumplings. This made me very curious to know what dumplings were and why they engender such hatred. I went through many British and Australian cookbooks and discovered that dumplings seemed inoffensive and harmless. I tried a few recipes and my family loved them – maybe in Churchill’s school days, British schools didn’t even add pepper to the dumplings! The popularity of dumplings at home made me create my own recipe for Dumplings in Chicken Stew.

Kalas Dumplings in Chicken Stew - Kalas Kalai

Kala’s Dumplings in Chicken Stew

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Kala’s Chenna Kunni and Avarai Poriyal (Dry Shrimp and Broad Beans Fry)

Tiny shrimps are referred to as Chenna Kunni in Tamil Nadu. They are salted and dried whole i.e., with the head and shell intact. These are combined with vegetables and prepared as poriyal (fry). I came up with this recipe as I wanted to prepare a very high protein side dish, and dry shrimp has very concentrated protein. I used broad beans as their water content is not very high, and that goes well with the dry shrimp. Chenna kunni is usually combined with drumstick leaves in Tamil Nadu.

Kalas Dry Shrimp and Broad Beans Poriyal - Kalas Kalai

Kala’s Chenna Kunni and Avarai Poriyal (Dry Shrimp and Broad Beans Fry)

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Deepavalli Special – Kandhar Appam (Sweet Fritters)

Kandhar Appam is a festive sweet preparation. Though many claim that it originated in Chettinad, it is very popular in Thirunelveli district also. It is usually prepared during Deepavalli, the festival of light and sound that is enjoyed by anyone with a sweet tooth 🙂 Though the homemade sweets have been replaced by the commercial North Indian sweets oozing ghee, kandhar appam is still the reigning Tamil sweet during the festive season.

Kandhar Appam - Kalas Kalai

Kandhar Appam (Sweet Fritters)

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