Kala’s Dumplings in Chicken Stew

A long time ago, perhaps in my first year of B.Sc, I had an essay by Winston Churchill on his school life where he mentioned his dislike for dumplings. This made me very curious to know what dumplings were and why they engender such hatred. I went through many British and Australian cookbooks and discovered that dumplings seemed inoffensive and harmless. I tried a few recipes and my family loved them – maybe in Churchill’s school days, British schools didn’t even add pepper to the dumplings! The popularity of dumplings at home made me create my own recipe for Dumplings in Chicken Stew.

Kalas Dumplings in Chicken Stew - Kalas Kalai

Kala’s Dumplings in Chicken Stew

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Kala’s Butter Beans and Mince Dry Curry

In Tamil Nadu we extend mince dishes with either dried beans or peas, or with vegetables. Butter beans, also known as double beans, are added either in dried form or as fresh beans when in season. I have used dried beans in this preparation because it is commonly available in all food stores.

Butter Beans and Mince Dry Curry - Kalas Kalai

Kala’s Butter Beans and Mince Dry Curry

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