Kala’s Prawn and Capsicum Curry

The unique flavour of prawns lends itself to be combined with different kinds of vegetables. I have already posted a few such recipes (Prawn and Colocasia Curry, Prawn and Cabbage Curry, Prawn and Snake Gourd Poriyal). Another advantage in combining prawns with vegetables is that it has no skin or bones, and the flavour does not vary with the type of prawn. I created this recipe combining prawns with capsicum and a different combination of spices from the others.


Prawn and Capsicum Curry - Kalas Kalai

Prawn and Capsicum Curry

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Kala’s Chicken and Capsicum Curry

I developed this chicken and capsicum curry to dish up a non-vegetarian preparation in a hurry. It is very mild and can be served to both children and the elderly, or anyone who is on a bland diet. Because it is not very spicy it goes better with fried rice or noodles rather than bread or chapathi.


Kala’s Chicken and Capsicum Curry

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Mushroom and Capsicum Pulav

Whenever I cook meat for chops or mince for cutlets or chicken for Chicken à la King, I have lots of stock left over. I always think it’s a shame to discard the stock as it has lots of dissolved nutrients. Quite often bottles of stock languish forgotten in my freezer. Therefore, I had to device methods to use up the stock. Apart from using the stock in meat curries and kurmas to improve the flavour, I found that I could also use it in simple rice preparations.

Because my son doesn’t like most vegetables, I concocted the mushroom and capsicum pulav with two foodstuffs he graciously accepts on his platter. This pulav is also dry enough for a packed lunch along with an omelet or a cutlet.

Mushroom and Capsicum Pulav

Mushroom and Capsicum Pulav

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