Chicken à la King

Chicken à la King seems to have been a favourite of the British Raj in India, perhaps because all the ingredients were available here, and the flavour, though rich, is bland. I have come across various recipes using egg yolk, wine, etc., but adding wine somehow gives a fermented flavour, which we Indians regard as the beginning of spoilage. Therefore, I searched for a recipe which was simple and, at the same time, wholesome. I found one in Children’s Party Cooking. Of course I had to tweak the recipe to suit the Indian palate and the ingredients available.

Chicken a la King - Kalas Kalai

Chicken à la King

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Thayir Kozhi Curry (Curd and Chicken Curry)

This is another handy recipe for when you have more curds than you need for your daily consumption, and you are looking for ways to use it up. I have created a very easy-to-prepare chicken dish with very few spices (compared to what we usually use in Tamil Nadu for non-vegetarian cooking) and thick fresh curds.

Thayir Kozhi Curry - Kalas Kalai

Thayir Kozhi Curry (Curd and Chicken Curry)

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Kala’s Christmas Chicken Biriyani

Biriyani is a choice festive dish or perhaps THE choice festive dish for most occasions. During Christmas, chicken or mutton biriyani is prepared in Christian homes. There are varieties of biriyani in India, every part having its own speciality. This chicken biriyani is Tamilian and my own version and a big favourite with the family. My children say the aroma from the kitchen makes them drool and become ravenously hungry when I make it.


Christmas Chicken Biriyani with Sweet and Sour Brinjal Masala and Thayir Pachadi

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Mince Packets

Christmas is the time when people gorge themselves on high protein and high energy food from Advent to New Year. I made these mince packets so that they could be served to guests, and if you are in the habit of receiving carolers hot and spicy mince packets are sure to be welcome.


Hot and Spicy Mince Packets – a Christmas treat 🙂

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Kala’s Chicken and Capsicum Curry

I developed this chicken and capsicum curry to dish up a non-vegetarian preparation in a hurry. It is very mild and can be served to both children and the elderly, or anyone who is on a bland diet. Because it is not very spicy it goes better with fried rice or noodles rather than bread or chapathi.


Kala’s Chicken and Capsicum Curry

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Asian Chicken Pulav

I came across an interesting combination of spices for chicken pulav in The Asian Cookbook. The recipe did not use any green spices such as green chillies, tomato, or coriander and mint leaves. It used spices that are usually available in the Indian kitchen, making it very easy to prepare as a special dish if you have unexpected guests.


Asian Chicken Pulav

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Kala’s Festive Chicken Rice

This is a special preparation I came up with for Easter. I have always wanted to make a chicken and rice preparation without messing with grinding ginger and garlic, coconut, kus kus,  and chopping mint, coriander, tomatoes, and chillies. These are not only time consuming but also very spicy. I wondered how it would be if I made a chicken rice without the strong flavour of ginger and garlic. Here is a recipe for the faint hearted (stomached) but with all the rich aroma of chicken and rice. The stock that is used to cook the rice is made when the chicken is cooked, saving further time and effort of obtaining stock. To make it festive, one can garnish it with fried cashew nuts and raisins but my family relish it as it is.

Kalas Chicken Rice - Kalas Kalai

Kala’s Festive Chicken Rice

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