Easy Chocolate Ice Cream (No Egg)

I have adored ice cream from childhood. I have always wanted to make ice cream at home so that I can have rich and creamy ice cream whenever I wanted it. Store bought ice cream is never satisfying as it has a lot of air in it, and it isn’t the all that healthy due to the added colouring, preservatives, stabilisers, etc. I came across a recipe in Hershey’s Chocolate and Cocoa Cookbook, but it used ingredients that are not available in India. I have modified that recipe extensively to adapt it to what is easily available in Indian stores. It is a very easy and simple recipe that uses only 4 store bought ingredients and is also vegetarian.

Easy Chocolate Ice Cream - Kalas Kalai

Easy Chocolate Ice Cream – These are the only ingredients you need to buy to make this

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Chocolate Cake for Mother’s Day

Unfortunately Mother’s Day falls on May 8. In South India the dog days start in the first week of May. It is a challenge to use butter icing when you are experiencing a heat wave. The cake will have to be refrigerated every now and then otherwise the icing will begin to run. The butter icing mix will also have to be cooled frequently while icing the cake or else it will not retain its shape. With all these thermal challenges the cake was iced, photographed, then gobbled up by the whole family.

Chocolate Cake for Mothers Day - Kalas Kalai

Chocolate Cake for Mother’s Day

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