Thayir Kozhi Curry (Curd and Chicken Curry)

This is another handy recipe for when you have more curds than you need for your daily consumption, and you are looking for ways to use it up. I have created a very easy-to-prepare chicken dish with very few spices (compared to what we usually use in Tamil Nadu for non-vegetarian cooking) and thick fresh curds.

Thayir Kozhi Curry - Kalas Kalai

Thayir Kozhi Curry (Curd and Chicken Curry)

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Thirunelveli Mour Kuzhambu (Curds Vegetable Curry)

I have been asked by several friends for a good Mour Kuzhambu recipe. Mour kuzhambu is a good way to use leftover curds and there are various ways in which mour kuzhambu can be made. I have given here the Thirunelveli mour kuzhambu my mother used to make. This is mild and slightly sour, the sourness depending on how the curds are set. My mour kuzhambu is not too sharp because the curds that I set at home is thick and not sour. I have come across spicy versions using ground green chillies but I use them whole. This is an all-season dish, as you can use different vegetables with the same gravy.

Mour Kuzhambu - Kalas Kalai

Mour Kuzhambu

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Thirunelveli Aviyal (Thirunelveli Vegetable Curry)

January 14th is the birth of the Tamil month of Thai, and in Tamil Nadu, it is also Pongal, the harvest festival. It is a grand celebration with several vegetarian dishes marking nature’s bounty. Aviyal is a vegetable curry that is served for lunch. There are several versions of aviyal, and  I am presenting here the aviyal made in Palayamkottai, Thirunelveli District. It uses many of the vegetables indigenous to Thirunelveli.


Thirunelveli Aviyal (Vegetable Curry) along with its major ingredients

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Candlelit Chicken Pulav

My apologies if you were expecting something romantic based on the title 🙂 Last week saw extreme flooding in Chennai when two depressions, one in the Bay of Bengal and the other in the Arabian Sea, hit the Tamil Nadu coast. There was widespread power failure – the transformer in front of my home blew spectacularly under the deluge and left us without electricity for a long time. This presented me with 2 problems

  • I had chicken in the freezer that had thawed out and would spoil if I didn’t cook it.
  • I had no electricity to power my blender, which most Indian cooking depends on. Modern Indian homes also don’t have an ammi (grinding stone) to prepare the masala.

Standing in my candlelit kitchen, I came up with this simple recipe which does not require electricity to prepare the masala.

Candlelit Chicken Pulav - Kalas Kalai

Candlelit Chicken Pulav

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