Surulappam (Pancake Wrap with Sweet Coconut Stuffing)

In Tamil, the term Surulappam means rolled (or curled) flat fried bread. In this case, the bread happens to be a pancake. It also has a sweet stuffing of fresh coconut, sugar, and freshly crushed cardamom, which gives it the most exquisite taste and flavour.

Surulappam - Kalas Kalai

Surulappam (full and sliced to show the stuffing)

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Ginger Ragi (Millet) Crunchies

My 100th recipe 🙂 A long time ago, in 1973 to be exact, I developed a highly nutritious ragi (millet) cookie recipe when I attended a Summer Institute in foods and nutrition. It was a great success; unfortunately someone leaked the recipe to the bakers in Chennai from which ragi biscuits were developed and appeared in local bakeries (and are still popular today, though quite far removed from my original). I have revived my creation here and modified it for the 21st century (so this also does not resemble the original, but is much tastier and eggless).


Ginger Ragi Crunchies

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Mince Packets

Christmas is the time when people gorge themselves on high protein and high energy food from Advent to New Year. I made these mince packets so that they could be served to guests, and if you are in the habit of receiving carolers hot and spicy mince packets are sure to be welcome.


Hot and Spicy Mince Packets – a Christmas treat 🙂

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are a favourite among both children and adults. Who can forget Dennis the Menace standing on a stool and grabbing one from the cookie jar! A cookie not only makes a wonderful snack, it’s a comfort food also. The recipe I have used here is from The Cookie Cookbook, which was published in the 70s. I have not used walnuts, which the recipe suggested, because my son doesn’t like nuts, but the extra cup of chocolate chips added instead to the mix makes it absolutely scrumptious. I have also increased the brown sugar to enhance the flavour.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Kalas Kalai

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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